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Why should we monitor and fix code quality issues?

Do you monitor and fix code quality problems?

If we start at the very beginning, it would be with what we know about developers and their use of the tools and practices used to analyze code quality. There are a few things we found out about how developers think about code quality analysis, from Developer Productivity Report 2013 – How Engineering Tools & Practices Impact Software Quality & Delivery, which surveyed just over 1000 developers. Here’s what we saw:

  • 39% of developers don't monitor code quality at all
  • 12% of developers monitor, but don't fix issues
  • 41% of developers fix some code quality issues
  • 8% of developers fix all code quality issues

So, code quality analysis is not a terrible popular category to start with–which is probably one reason that most apps, even the best of them, suffer from creeping bugs and errors at some point. And do you know what else we found when we correlated these answers with others in the report?

Fixing code quality issues has a significant effect on, well, the overall quality of your code, as well as your ability to accurately predict when the software can be delivered to end users. Boom!