Free Report: Java Tools & Technologies Landscape for 2014

A Global Survey of 2,164 Java Professionals

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What’s going on in Java these days?

Last year, we tackled two particular challenges that really matter to productive software organizations: software quality (got bugs?) and the predictability of delivery (last week or next year?). We learned a lot from that one!

But now we feel like it’s time to revisit the broader tools & technologies landscape in Java these days, collect some data, crunch some numbers and see what’s going on in the market at large. And what better way than  a huge leaderboard of tools and technologies currently running the show as of May 2014!!

JUnit - 82.5% - Top testing framework used by developers  Jenkins - 70% - Most used CI server in the industry Git - 69% - #1 version control technology out there Hibernate - 67.5% - The top ORM framework used Java 7 - 65% - The industry leader for SE development Maven - 64% - Most used build tool in Java Nexus - 64% - The main repository used by developers  MongoDB - 56% - The NoSQL technology of choice FindBugs - 55% - Most-used static code analysis tool in Java  Tomcat - 50% - The most popular application server on the market  Java EE 6 - 49% - Found in the most enterprise Java environments  Eclipse - 48% - The IDE used more than any other Spring MVC - 40% - The most commonly used web framework  MySQL - 32% - The most popular SQL technology

As you can guess, in some categories multiple tools are often used in conjunction, so we allowed for multiple selections (denoted by *). For answers where a statistically significant portion (over 5%) of respondents selected “Do not use”, the responses have been normalized (denoted by º) to exclude non-user groups.

It probably comes as no surprise that among the 2164 developers we surveyed, Java SE 7 (65%) is used by two-thirds of developers, but even more are using JUnit (82.5%), the most-used single technology across the entire Java landscape. And a good thing too: unit testing is key for making sure your app gets out the door. Next is Jenkins (70%), our favorite Lord of the Butlers, which is used by nearly 3 out of 4 developers that use Continuous Integration tools (1 in 5 does not). We've seen distributed VCS come a long way in recent years, and Git (69%) is now non-exclusively used by over two-thirds of developers – often alongside Subversion (57%).

Taking in the next set of tech leaders really completes the Enterprise Java picture – Hibernate (67.5%), Maven and Nexus (64%), Tomcat (50%) and Eclipse (48%) gives you more or less a decent foundation of a basic, no frills enterprise development stack.

But don't think the last words have been had yet…because in this report we asked a few questions that directly highlight the feelings of developers towards certain technologies.