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Time for our first ZTLive webinar of 2017! The weather man is telling us that spring is here, so the timing seemed appropriate to talk about reactive programming with Spring!

Get excited about Spring 5.0!

Spring 5.0 introduces reactive foundations for the whole Spring portfolio, and also comes with a brand new Spring WebFlux web framework natively based on Reactive Streams and Java 8. It supports natively Reactor 3, but also RxJava and other Reactive Streams based libraries, while enabling more scalable web applications with back pressure support, streaming APIs, better scalability, micro-batching and much more.

This webinar will cover:

This session will start with a Reactive Streams and Reactive APIs introduction, then will show concretely how you can build a reactive application using Spring 5.0, Spring Boot 2.0 and Java 8 with code and demos including a JSON REST API, Mustache templates based HTML rendering with Server-Sent Events push for live updates. We will also cover how to use Spring Data Reactive and the new ‘WebClient’ for processing data coming from remote services (REST or streaming APIs). Netty will be used as the underlying non-blocking HTTP engine for both client and server. I will also give you an overview of the Spring WebFlux functional Web API based on lambdas instead of annotation and of Spring 5.0 Kotlin native support.


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Sébastien Deleuze, Pivotal Inc.

Sébastien is Spring Framework committer at Pivotal, where he mostly works on Reactive and Kotlin support. He is also a MiXiT conference staff member.


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Anton Arhipov, ZeroTurnaround

Anton Arhipov is a Java Champion and Developer Advocate at ZeroTurnaround. Anton has over 10 years of Java programming experience. His professional interests include everything Java, but also other programming languages, middleware and developer tooling. Anton is the ultimate tea snob. He has also participated in the JavaOne selection committee for several years.