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Java Performance Survey Results

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Who, when, how and what hunts down and fixes performance issues?

Back in March 2015, we created a list of questions based on Java performance testing that would give us insights into how teams and organizations go about performance testing their applications. A few months later we collated this data, examined it thoroughly and found trends that I’m pleased to share with you in this report.

We received 1562 responses to our survey this year and are happy that we have enough information on which we can base our opinions and find trends.

The report is split into 3 sections. The first is a representation of the raw answers given to the survey questions. No fluff, no pivoting, just answers! Parts 2 and 3 provide a more in-depth analysis to understand trends, for example:

  • How do teams do their performance analysis and testing?
  • How long does it take to verify that there are no performance regressions?
  • Who monitors and cares about the performance of your production deployments?
  • What are the most common performance issues that haunt Java projects?

root causes.jpeg

Naturally, there is no silver bullet in solving performance problems, but armed with this data we can suggest the best practices, most convenient tools and approaches to limit the impact performance issues have on your projects.

Download the Java Performance Survey report, enjoy the analysis and the data we gathered, and learn how to deal with performance issues in your Java code.