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Introduction to the Java Developer Productivity Survey

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Digging into data searching for insights is always an exciting activity. Last year's Java EE Productivity Report was focused on tools/technologies/standards in use (exclusive selections) and turnaround time in Java (i.e. how much time is spent per hour redeploying/restarting).

In this year's Java Productivity Report, we expanded the selection of technologies and tools available to Java development teams to choose from, made them non-exclusive, and covered more areas, for example Version Control Systems and Code Quality Tools. We also focused more on the question, "What makes developers tick?" and learned a lot about how devs spend their work week, what elements of the developer worklife increases/decreases efficiency, and what stresses out developers. We found a lot of interesting trends and insights, and broke them down into 4 parts:

Part I: Developer Tools & Technologies Usage Report

Coverage of Java versions, JVM languages, IDEs, Build Tools, Application Servers (containers), Web Frameworks, Application (server-side) Frameworks, JVM Standards, Continuous Integration Servers, Frontend Technology, Code Quality Tools, Version Control Systems

Part II: Developer Timesheet

How do devs spend their work week?

Part III: Developer Efficiency

What aspects of your job make devs more/less efficient?

Part IV: Developer Stress

What keeps devs awake at night?