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How Engineering Tools & Practices Impact Software Quality & Delivery

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So who cares about quality software and predictable deliveries anyway?

Do you monitor and fix code quality problems?

In truth, we all should. You might be "Developer of the Year", but if the team around you fails to deliver quality software on time, then it pays to review your team’s practices and tools to see if that is somehow related. So that’s what we did–and guess what: the things you do and the tools you use DO have an effect on your software quality and predictability to deliver. And we're going to find out how.

How do the practices, tools and decisions of development teams have an effect on the quality and predictability of software releases? Seems a bit abstract, right?

In fact, this is one of the most frustrating aspects of talking about the quality and predictability of software releases. We all hear a lot of noise about best practices in software engineering, but a lot of it is based on anecdotal evidence and abstractions. Do we ever see much data related to the impact of so-called best practices on teams?

With our survey, the goal was to collect data to prove or disprove the effectiveness of these best practices–including the methodologies, tools and company size & industry within the context of these practices.