Free Report: How to Get Started with IntelliJ IDEA as an Eclipse User

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Eclipse & IntelliJ

My name is Anton, and I’m an IntelliJ IDEA addict. Whew, it feels good to say it out loud. The choice of IDE for developers is one of the most contentious debates in the software game. Unless you have a darn good reason, you don't often use more than one IDE, let alone all three of the major IDEs in the Java world: Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA and NetBeans.

My main purpose in writing this report is to show Eclipse users, specifically, how to get started using IDEA faster and with less headaches.

Perhaps you are Eclipse users who are interested in trying out IntelliJ IDEA, or perhaps considering the migration. Moving from Eclipse to IDEA can be quite overwhelming. People usually neither have patience nor time to learn new IDE with its own set of shortcuts. Even more - in some cases it requires changing your mindset about how you use your IDE. With this guide, my goal is to point out the main differences when moving from Eclipse to IDEA so that the path wouldn't be as painful.

I have seen a lot of my colleagues going from Eclipse to IntelliJ IDEA. They struggled initially, but survived. In a few days or weeks they didn't want to come back to their previous IDE. Naturally, I have tried to help a lot of my friends to migrate to IDEA and with this guide I’d like to help YOU as well.