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A Decision Maker’s Comparison of Maven, Gradle and Ant + Ivy

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Build Tools Popularity

Believe it or not, Java developers don't consider build tools to be the most interesting topic out there. They are generally not considered the most exciting segment of any developer’s overall utility belt.

However, build tools should still be able to rock, and it’s in the spirit of "Build Tools [Can] Rock!" that RebelLabs has set out to finalize our journey into the realm of Java's three most popular build tools–Maven, Gradle and Ant (along with Ivy for managing dependencies). After all, if anyone was going to try to put it a little "sexy" back into Ant, it would be us ;-)

This all started in December 2013, when we published Java Build Tools Part 1. It would help to think of Parts 1 and 2 as a single publication, broken into two sections due to length and time restrictions. In Part 1, we showed developers how to get started with all of the tools mentioned, we reviewed some tips and pointers on creating the build script, interacting with communities and how to use/create plugins for your overall development environment.

In Part 2, we go deeper and get out the proverbial red pen, taking each build tool and ranking them in six categories, then applying those scores to four common user profiles (i.e. use cases) in order to figure out which build tool makes the most sense for you. But now, let's review where the general Java development industry stands in terms of current and historical build tool usage.