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Virtualization & Provisioning with Vagrant & Chef

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How much of your infrastructure do you configure with code?

Introduction to DevOps, Virtualization and Provisioning

DevOps has become more than just a buzzword among the innovators in software development and IT operations today. It's as hot a topic as agile was a decade ago. Just like agile, no one was able to really lock down a good enough definition, or figure out the context in which the definition of agile actually existed (at first)...

What does DevOps have to do with all this?

Not unlike agile, DevOps focuses on simple concepts–such as automation, reusability and iterative improvement–built on a foundation of a shared culture that promotes collaboration. Here at ZeroTurnaround, we like to think of ourselves as "DevOps champions"; our products JRebel and LiveRebel are the fruits of our hard work, research and vision aimed at the entire software creation pipeline, from Dev to QA to Staging and Ops (and back again)

This report will make it easy for you get started with adopting aspects of DevOps practices, so let's get on with it and take a look at two of the most important cornerstones: Virtualization and Provisioning.