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DevOps improves Release Management and Deployment Automation

It's time to recognize that DevOps as an IT philosophy cannot be ignored, and is already embraced by companies like Netflix, Etsy, Twitter and others. Are you preparing for the next wave of predictable, automated releases to become the standard for your users?

DevOps in a Nutshell

You've probably heard of DevOps by now. For an individual, DevOps is a state of mind. It requires discipline, a sense of mutual respect between individuals, teams and even departments, focus on the big picture, and a strong commitment towards delivering on business goals. It thrives in a culture where development and operations teams unite, to draw from each other’s experiences, perspectives, concerns, and continuously improve processes to build and deliver resilient products rapidly, into the hands of delighted customers.

DevOps is not noOps, nor is Dev in Ops clothing or vice versa. It is synergistic rather than cannibalistic. Opscode, makers of the handy virtualization tool Chef, say that DevOps is about CAMS: Culture. Automation. Measurement. Sharing.

Developers and operations folk bring a unique set of skills and experiences that the team draws from, to develop and deliver awesome software applications!