Free Report: The 2014 Decision Maker’s Guide to Java Web Frameworks


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2012 Popular FrameworksLet's get even more curious

In The Curious Coders Java Web Frameworks Comparison we looked individually at the top 8 most popular Java Web Frameworks at a feature-by-feature level and scored them. We got some great feedback and added two more feature categories based on this commentary, plus analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of each framework against seven different application types (use cases)…

What did we see in the first report report?

At the end of the first report we compiled the scores for each framework across all the features we looked at for the comparison. While this is interesting to look at, it does not make any suggestions as to which framework would be good to implement based on different end-user needs, as we haven't introduced the real world problems/projects into the picture yet.

That's where this report comes in: here we focus on the application and test use cases with varying application types to determine which frameworks are best suited for that app. Each application type will have different needs, requirements and functional priorities, so the feature areas we looked at in the first report and the two additional parts in this report will be scaled differently. This means we can suggest which framework(s) would be more appropriate than others for different types of applications.