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"A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life." - Charles Darwin, creator of the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection

CI Ecosystem

In most Java organizations, spending your time wisely when developing & deploying your apps to production is not only a major business priority, but an essential need to maintain existence in the future world of software.

Do developers care how they spend their time?

According to ZeroTurnaround’s Developer Productivity Report, the #1 aspect of the coding life that keeps developers up at night is Making Deadlines. Therefore, shouldn’t we worry about getting them the best tools, technologies and methodologies for not only meeting deadlines, but delivering the best quality software possible as well?

Software developers value their precious time and need to have organizational support in selecting the right tool set and best practices to optimise their work. This report focuses on Continuous Integration (CI) and how it enables devs to automate and speed up certain processes as well as sleep better at night by eliminating hassles often caused by long integration cycles: broken builds, manual merging hell and regressions.