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Your Next JAVA Web App

Did you realize that Hibernate has been around for more than 10 years? And Spring will begin its second decade next year? There was a time when Spring+Hibernate was widely considered an unofficial industry standard, but today is portrayed as an ancient beast whose XML appetite kills little rainbow scroll wheels. That assessment is not true, however. Both technologies have seen continuous development and are still competitive today.

Doesn't it make more sense to compare apples to apples? For example, don't put JEE6 with CDI up against Spring 1.0. Spring and Hibernate don't require three miles of XML anymore. In fact, it's possible to set them both up with zero lines of XML.

With servlet 3.0, even web.xml can go the way of the dodo. When all you're trying to accomplish is a simple helloWorld guestbook, then Java, Spring and Hibernate will require more effort to get there, but can you name any app which is that trivial in real life? Proper applications are expected to satisfy far greater needs, both functional and non-functional, which is the area where Java, supported by wisely-chosen tools & frameworks, really shines.