Android Report: The Platform, The Framework, and The Way of Life

Operating system powering 10^10 devices and software development platform

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This report is about the Android platform and everything you ever wanted to know about it. Both the Android platform and its ecosystem are too big to cover in one report, so naturally we had to be selective with the topics. Having looked on the interwebs and talked to Android developers, we concluded that everyone is interested in following best practices. The only problem is, there aren’t any guides out there that explain them in an informative, yet beautiful manner!

Android Report

There are many resources available, some of them created by the excellent Android team at Google, but in this ocean of information we could not find a cohesive picture. So that’s why we created this report.

We hope the report will build a solid foundation for anyone who intends to get into Android development seriously or perhaps just test the water. In this teaser blog post, we’re going to just cover the intros into the following topics:

  • Android Devices and platform considerations for your application
  • Performance - how not to make your application crawl
  • Clean code patterns - dependency injection, clean architecture, parallelization models, and a reactive approach to creating applications
  • Good ways to approach and improve QA in your project
  • Tools and technologies that help developers the most: emulators, libraries, and much more

Are you excited about it? Good, we sure are!

Read the report, and hopefully, we can start a discussion about Android application development. Let us know what you think @zeroturnaround.