Free Report: Developer Productivity Report 2016
Java Tools and Technology Landscape

Earlier this year we asked Java developers what tools they use and what libraries they can't live without and whether they like microservices, use profilers, containers, and write specifications. We received 2040 responses to our survey this year and are happy that we have enough information on which we can base our opinions and find trends.

  • Will Eclipse still be the top IDE?
  • Has Gradle caught Maven up?
  • Is Hudson still alive?
  • Has Git won?
  • Is Spring boot established?
  • Is Java EE gaining or losing speed?
  • Is Java 8 an established version?
  • What is the average redeployment time?
  • Has Microservices saved Jetty?
  • Do microservices make developer's job easier?
  • Do developers care about the APM solutions?

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